Working Group’ Final Report of the Geographic Regions Review

The Final Report of the cross-community Geographic Regions Review Working Group has been released and it comes up with a number of suggestions related to the underway application of the organization’s geographic regions framework.


Community response to these suggestions represents a point of interest for ICANN Board and the Staff has been trained to open and administer a public comment period of at least 120 days to give the community a possibility to entirely review the suggestions and ensure any supplementary comments on the working group suggestions. The public comment period opened on 23 December 2015.


The Working Group’s Final Report ensures a larger number of decisions, proposals and suggestions including:
– The Working Group set that the general criterion of geographic variety is important and deserves to be maintained.
– Appliance of the geographic variety criteria must be more strict, clear and solid.
– The number of ICANN geographic regions needs to be adapted in order to be more pragmatic.
– There are no International Regional Structures providing beneficial choices for ICANN.
– ICANN has to officially embrace and keep its own exclusive Geographic Regions Framework.
– The Community intends to decrease the number of changes to the actual structure.
– In order to give them the possibility to choose their religion of division, ICANN has to recognize the sovereignty and right of self-government of states.
– Although ICANN communities have flexibly used geographic variety criteria during years, it should be maintained for other structures and concentrate on continue being subject to the actual framework.
– “Cross-Regional Sub-Groups” or “Special Interest Groups” offer new variety possibilities.
– Staff has to improve the implementation of mechanisms and operations; and
– The Board has to maintain its supervision and coming review possibilities.


During the extending comment period individuals and community groups have the possibility to entirely review the proposals and ensure any auxiliary comments on the working group suggestions.


For further public comment box here is the link.

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