Do You Know What Google Did During 2015?

Google’s attempts of acquiring new domains


Throughout the 2015 year Google has filed 14 complaints, to the National Arbitration Forum, against the owners of the domain names listed below intending to have absolute control over it.


Google to win these domain names, they must pass three stipulations imposed by the The National Arbitration Forum:

  • It will analyze the domain names to see if they are alike to Google’s trademark.
  • It will check if the actual owner has rights over them.
  • It will verify if the domains are being used with bad intentions.


Number Domain Name Complaint Filing Date Domain Name Registration Date
1 January, 2015 March, 2014
2 February, 2015 December, 2008
3 March, 2015 July, 2004
4 February, 2015 September, 2012
5 February, 2015 March, 2014
6 February, 2015 July, 2013
7 February, 2015 July, 2013
8 February, 2015 January, 2014
9 March, 2015 May, 2012
10 May, 2015 February, 2015
11 June, 2015 September, 2012
12 June, 2015 November, 2014
13 October, 2015 June, 2015
14 domain December, 2015 July, 2014


Google’s won cases


Looking to get the transfer of the domain names below, Google eventually won these UDRP cases, but after submitting a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum.


Google is the holder of numerous trademark registrations for the “Google” brand throughout the world, which is way the debated domain names are alike to its trademark. The company succeed to prove that the claimant has no rights or legal interest over the debated domain names and in addition the claimant used the domains with bad intentions.


The arbitrator designated to the case pleaded for Google, specifying that the company has all the rights regarding the debated domain names. On of the reasons the claimant lost was due to the fact that he didn’t managed to submit an answer in this action of agreeing Google’s statements.


If you are interested to see the decisions click here.


Number Domain Name won
2 Google-Placementads.US


Google’s acquisitions


In an auction held in February, 2015 Google purchased the gTLD .app for $25,000,001.

According to Domain Incite, Google: “originally proposed .app as a closed registry in which only Google and its partners could register names.” “However, after the Governmental Advisory Committee pressured ICANN to disallow ‘closed generics’, Google changed its application to enable anyone to register.”


It is probable that in January, 2015, the now acquisition of Google, the premium domain name, was sold as the whois records stated. Also according to the whois records, the domain was first recorded in January, 1996. On March 30, 2015, the domain name get out of Privacy Protection, affirming Google is the new holder.


Succeeding to get out of the way its rivals: Donuts, Famous Four Media, Rightside and Amazon, Google owns now right of two new gTLDs: .map and .search. Google opened the gTLD .map for everyone that wants to have a .map domain name, but restricted the gTLD .search just for sites that have a specific technical standard.


Although not the first time when Google acquires Alphabet-linked domain names, it added to the collection the new domain name. The domain name was previous owned by a registrant in Ohio. It was first recorded in April, 1997.  


In October, 2015 Google also bought domain name, which was first recorded in 1999.


To further fill the list Google purchased as well the domain name, then owned by The Giardino Law Firm, Inc, from San Antonio. According to the whois records it was first recorded in 2003.


Here you have a list with other Alphabet-linked domain names:,,,,,,,,,,,

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