Verification Emails That Charges You Should Not Be In Your List

Remember those emails that ICANN requires for verification emails that registrars must send to domain owners? For your safety and your domain name the first thing is suggested to do is to verify the authenticity of the email, by checking the validity and the sender.


The purpose of this is to verify the whois information and avoid to be tricked by the fraudsters. In case you did not respond in 15 days after the register requires you the data you can have over or suspended your domain name, or to be locked it until the registrar is able to provide all the necessary information of the registrant.


Don’t expect to receive the email from the domain registrant the domain is recorded with, you should be tracking to see an email coming from with the email address of This domain was first registered in December 31, 2015.


For a clearer vision of how the email should look like, find out that the notice is about the ICANN verification rule, thing mentioned both on the top and below it.

“Please update within 24-48 hours to avoid domain name suspension. ICANN, the internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, requires that all domain registrars maintain correct and current WHOIS contact data for domain owners.”- a few words from ICANN to the issue.


If you were ignoring it thinking how much money will take you this check you should be in peace because your domain registrar will not charge you a coin for offering the data ICANN needs. But if you did pay anything with and did not bother to reply the email from your registrar, your domain name will still be suspended.


No matter your answer, accurate or not accurate, the email will direct you to a page where you are charged between $93.95 and $49.95 a year ($9.95 for a 501 c-3). You will not found any address or phone number regarding the company, the site has just a section with “about us”.


How to confirm  verification emails is official and legitimate?


  • Before clicking any link in any mail you receive by a different source, please confirm the email is send from your registrar. If you are having second thoughts check again or ask for help.
  • You should not be paying for verification emails, it’s FREE, despite it’s mandatory to send your Whois information as ICANN required.
  • If the site doesn’t contain any valid information about the company, like contact details, address or phone number, you should not trust in that company. Pay attention before any move you make.
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