Use Microsoft Excel for Business – Know Every Aspect of It

Use Microsoft Excel for Business – Know Every Aspect of It

Microsoft Excel has eventually become the best in the industry when it comes to spreadsheet software. Without a doubt no other spreadsheet software can outdo Microsoft Excel today. It offers countless benefits to users and viewers.
Not only it comes with great preloaded features, but also it is constantly updating itself to make accounting and other related business work easy. Commonly Microsoft is used for charting and spread sheet purposes. This is why most of the businesses all over the world depend heavily on this software.


Here are some practical uses of Excel from day to day basis


Excel for stock control

One of the best usages of this software is for stock management within the commercial enterprise. Regardless of the other equipment and materials of your job, Excel can be quite handy and helpful when you want to track down things elaborately.

By looking up in the Excel sheet, you can easily understand the quantity of stock left and other materials delivered within a specified period of time. This data can also be shared with employees even if they are not in the same location. With this software, you don’t have to worry about counting and calculating things.


Excel for time keeping

It is the most unused feature, but it is quite effective if you plan using your office hours effectively. You just need to input the time and the pending work of the day. Excel will give you accurate calculation of the hourly rate and progress by hour breakdown. Not only it increases efficiency at work, but also streamlines a lot of job.


Excel for accounting

Needless to say Excel is mostly used for accounting, especially for forecasting and budgeting. You can keep track of all kind of company expenses in one place. Additionally, there are preloaded formulas in Microsoft Excel for initial calculation and derivation.

Besides keeping track of the accounts, you can also calculate return on investment. In simple terms, Excel fulfills all your needs for your business requirement from day to day basis.


Excel for invoicing

It takes only few minutes to convert PDF to Excel online and vice versa. You can just convert the PDF online and check out in your Excel sheets or even keep it for further accounting research purposes.


Excel for customer tracking

No business is complete without customers. Every great enterprise keeps track of their customers and clients along with the projects. This way, you can even understand the success of your certain products and services, along with understanding the consumer behavior. You can easily use it as data storage of contact name, mobile number, mail id and other related information.


Excel for job costing

Likewise, you can also use Excel to calculate the actual cost needed to finish a specific job and determine the overall cost. Additionally, it will also suggest you the overall output you might get, theoretically.



It comes with simple design and user interface with robust working features. So, your calculations and day end reports are bound to get easy.

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