Top-10 Worst TLDs That Can Affect You In 2016

Remember the Spamhaus Project?


It now attached a fresh list to its Top-10 Worst Pages. The subject of this list, this time, is related to TLDs, to be more precise it’s about the worst TLDs.


One thing to take into account is that the list does not contain worst TLDs  in quantity, there are other TLDs that have in their package spam domains. Besides these annoying domains, they have a lot more non-annoying domains, which is a huge plus for them. This is the main reason these domain names are in the list of worst TLDs.


What this list wants to present is the proportion of each domain observed by the systems at Spamhaus against those domains the systems are describing as spam domains or are used for malware misuse and botnet. If you sit and think, there are several reasons why this happens. Still, the most common ground for which spam and other category of misuse are infecting the Internet is because it’s a low-cost and easy way to get thousands of domain names, including here TLDs’ registries up to registrars.


Expecting to see honesty in the Internet world?

You will be waiting a long time, like in any other business sector, this one doesn’t make the exception. You will see or find out about registrars that consciously sell volumes of domain names to expert spammers for profit or that they are not putting enough effort in stopping or at least limiting spammers’ access. Moreover, some of them are actually building their business on network misuse.


As you know Spamhaus has collected its data with these systems help and have a perspective of the the world domain traffic, but what probably you don’t know it’s the fact that it’s doing this for 18 years.


According to Spamhaus it is not so hard to observe which registrar or what TLD blend is forwarded and sold at at low-price, you just have to look at the volume of registrations made by several known spammers.


The reputation of any legal user, that now owns domain names from the TLDs in question, will be affected and compared with those affected, as well as the confidence that they should generate towards the customers.


Most of the registries are defending themselves by saying they are against of this abuse, however, some are rather thinking at the income gained by the misuse or have affirmed that the registrars are handling this situation and not them. If registrars are not doing their job properly, registries are obliged to make them listen. The result? They are doing nothing. A TLD has to strongly wish to be clean and do something and things will happen as they supposed.


In the coming future, Spamhaus plans to deliver a prospect of the misuse trends, statistics with a historic view, to see which TLDs will be better at controlling their resource page.
Wait! There is more. Soon you will be able to see a “Top-10 Worst registrar list”.

For now you have listed below the Top-10 Worst TLDs:


  1. .download
  2. .review
  3. .diet
  4. .click
  5. .work
  6. .tokio
  7. .racing
  8. .science
  9. .party
  10. .faith



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