Top 10 Most Expensive Domains Of All Ages

If website flipping manages the selling of websites after they are designed by someone, domain flipping is a bit different, those interested in this business buy domains hoping in the future their value will be a good investment. This kind of business is like when you invest in stocks and expect to get benefit of it one day, but it is nothing sure. The unlucky ones can use the domain name for their own website.


Over the years have been registered and sold millions of domain names, but do you know what domains are the most expensive? The head of the 10 top domains is The majority of these domains are one word, while all of them are .com domains. – This domain is the most expensive from all the times and represents a success in the industry. The deal happened in 2007 for $35 million. The founder of HomeAway, Brian Sharples, is new possessor of this domain and confessed that he bought it, so his rival Expedia to not have it. – On the long list of domains bought over years, takes the second place, which was almost close to be the first in the domain selling. This transaction took place in 2012. The buyer had to shell out $ 30.18 million to have it, in the 2012 year. – Bargained in 2009 for $ 16 million,’s was the second best business closed until come out and substitute it, during three years. – The first business closed in the porn industry and the fourth globally, was made in 2010 for $ 14 million. – Dispite the fact that in 2001 this domain was sold for $ 11 million, the new possessor could not really affirm, in a TV interview to BBC, what was the price of the investement. – Allocated for financial services, its purchasing price was a massive one. It was taken in 2008 for $ 9.9 million. – The second best business in the porn industry is this domain, sold for $ 9.5 million in 2007. – Acquired from American Farm Bureau Federation in 2010, with $ 8.5 million by Facebook, this domain is forwarded to – Sold at the same price of $ 7.5 million, in 1999, as the domain, rated better than the affair made after seven years. – As a site dedicated to the online diamond shopping, you have to know this domain name was purchased in 2006 with $ 7.5 million.

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