TLDR Moves 30,000 Names From Afilias To Teleinfo

The relationship between TLD Registry and previous back-end provider Afilias appears not to be a good one. This may be caused by the “Notice of Material Breach” of the contract, that Afilias received earlier this year from TDLR. The notice was menacing to move its 2 gTLDs to a competitor held by the Chinese government.


The news was recently confirmed by TDLR. They are going to move around 30,000 names in .中文网 (.xn--fiq228c5hs, “Chinese website”) and (.xn--3ds443g, “Chinese online”) to Beijing Teleinfo Network Technology Co.


The not so known back-end provider as Afilias, it is in present going over 4 pre-launch Latin-script Chinese gTLDs.


Teleinfo Network Technology Co belongs to the Chinese Academy of Telecommunication Research, that seems to appertain to the Chinese government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


Before the switch, which means back in February, TLDR expressed its intentions to Afilias in case they were “unable or unwilling to remedy” undefined contractual infringements by mid-May.


Apparently none of the companies want to comment on contractual or litigation matters.


TLDR confessed in an announcement that the move to the Chinese company will be useful for them to get the a Chinese government license. Having this license would give the Chinese registrants the possibility to start using their domains.


“The completion of this milestone will hopefully pave the way for our accreditation with Chinese regulators, which ultimately allows our China-based customer’s names to resolve legally to a website hosted from within China, “ said CEO Arto Isokoski.


Using a government back-end for its SRS doesn’t make it an easier job.


“With respect to TLD Registry’s charges of breach of contract, Afilias categorically denies any breach of any kind whatsoever. Afilias has complied completely with our contractual obligations and responded to all requests for assistance with their various business priorities. Since we began supporting these 2 TLDs, Afilias has met every SLA and enabled the 2 TLDS to be 100% compliant with their technical and contractual obligations to ICANN. Afilias has provided 100% compliance on every SRS requirement, and maintained their DNS with 100% availability throughout the entire period of our stewardship. TLD Registry’s charges are completely without merit.”

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