The Ultimate Guide To Local Search Optimization In 2016

Local Search Optimization has taken business owners by surprise in the last couple of years, especially after the Hummingbird Update was released by Google in 2013. While search engine optimization has changed hugely, much of it remains complicated. If you are concerned local search optimization, here are some of the great ideas that will help in getting started.

Get the basics

First and foremost, it is very essential to claim and get the business listing for your business for every location. You will need to decide on a few consistent things, which include address, name and contact numbers. It is also essential to have a local number wherever available and complete the profile in detail. Add things like business hours, category and keywords that may be relevant for local searches. Also, you need to spend some time claiming business listings for other search sites, which includes Bing Places, Yelp, Aabaco Small Business and Apple maps. Add all the relecant social media elements to your website, including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Just in case you don’t have a linkedIn account as yet, spend time on that, as well.

Spread your business                

You will find citations to be extremely important for your businesses with regards to local search optimization. Look for additional sites and directories, where you can place your business. You can look for national citations, as well, because they often offer information to smaller sites, along with the search engines. If you need to pay for citations, check wisely for the same.

Get small things right

People read what others have to say about your business, so make sure that you gather as many reviews as possible, even if you get a couple of bad ones. If you are in 2016, you need to make use of keywords on your pages, so that the search engines can get a hang of the same. Add keywords that are relevant for your business, which includes the Google category, and the content should be decent and engaging enough with at least 300 words. Experts also suggest adding the location of your business on the webpage for better results. It is also essential that your site loads easily, while at the same time, you might want to add a few relevant and authentic external links.

Focus on content

Search Engine Optimisation in 2016 will continue to focus on content, so you should spend time and energy on creating more valuable content that readers want to read and the search engines love to see. Depending on your business type, you need to also focus on getting backlinks for your website. Keep in mind that the backlinks should come from high authority sites, so as to get any benefit from the same. Guest posting can be a good idea worth exploring, but requires planning and association with good blogs and sites.

With these basics in place, you should not have a tough time optimizing your business locally. Make sure to keep a track of your growth, so that you can identify the hits and misses.

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