Tech Startup Rebranded As Lawbooth

Tech Startup, Congo meaning “consultation on the go”, has recently rebranded as Lawbooth. It ensures an online platform for those looking for legal advice to set up time with an attorney and join for free through video chat.


The company began as a school project in an enterprising class at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business in the spring of 2013. During 2014 it was called the Boulder Chamber’s 2014 Venture of the Year. You can find their headquarter at Galvanize’s Boulder campus at 1035 Pearl St. A now five employees company, Congo obtained a $250,000 capital of funding to extend into the rest of the state, across Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver.


Why a startup decided to change its name?


The idea of having a contest came after co-founders Tyler Cox and Willy Ogorzaly met a serious decision: go via a process of rebranding or pay $750,000 for the domain, which was owned by domain holding company DigiMedia.


Therefore, Congo gave individuals the chance to send name recommendations in order to win $1,000. Even if the new name was not chosen from these entries, Ogorzaly and Cox donated the $1,000 reward to choose local charities.


Ogorzaly affirmed that they “couldn’t be more excited about our rebrand to It wasn’t a process we initially expected to undergo, but we are happy with the outcome and glad to have saved $750,000 to continue building a platform that will help those in need of legal advice.”


As an unique contest demand, participants had to submit only dot-com domain disposable for less than $3,000. It was the perfect match when the co -founders found disposable at $1,780.


More than pleased Cox declared that their “final decision around the new name didn’t come to us from the contest, but we were very grateful for all of the submissions we received as they contributed to us ultimately finding our new brand name. So instead of keeping the $1,000 for ourselves, we decided to donate it to a few of our favorite nonprofits.”


Lawbooth appealed to its upholders to elect how to distribute the donation among four charities: TechStars organized First Codefest, a local event that mates developers and nonprofits to design different cost-excessive tech solutions during a weekend; Charity Water, which constructs wells to give access to fresh drinking water in Third World countries ; Billy Burchard Foundation, which confers grants to organizations searching for anti-cancer therapeutics, especially for pancreatic cancer; and finally Donors Choose, which helps public-school teachers by allowing them to publish demands for resources. Lawbooth agrees to give the amount of money to all four organizations by the end of the year.


As a strategy for 2016, Lawbooth intends to extend its offers to cover more attorneys in the Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver zones. To expose their services and meeting schedules on the website, attorneys pay a monthly subscription fee, while users have access to it for free and can pay the attorneys outright.

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