StartingDot Q4 Report Reveals A Growth Of 7 %

What represents StartingDot?


StartingDot, the most significant Premium New gTLD registry, runs the .ARCHI, .BIO and .SKI extensions. For StartingDot not all the domain names can be thought about as important domains. The registry has attentively exhibited its premium name index in order to increase visibility towards important search engines and traffic for your business via most searched terms.


New TLDs

It is set as a sole mark for the architecture profession, the corresponding content, and the increasing presence of the business of architecture in the online environment.

.Bio extension is recognized as a generic term frequently used for “organic” in Continental Europe and worldwide as a prefix for everything connected to biography, biology or biodiversity.


This extension is devoted to ski and snowsports. It has been particularly designed for the ski industry and ski devotees.


Q4 Report


StartingDot’s Premium TLD 50 index for Q4 2015 points out significant increase growth for this section of the new gTLD market.


The registry describes the Premium TLDs as:

“Latin character suffixes (no IDNs) that are not brand or geographic terms and with an average retail price of over US$40. These suffixes are the business class section of the domain industry.”


The last quarter of 2015 represented a growth by 7% for the Premium, moving a powerful trend at general level with total new gTLD growth rates increasing from 26% in Q3 to 41% in Q4. In the last months, to increase the awareness of TLDs in China among domain investors to make significant volume domain names registrations, signified a part of the growth.


From the total new gTLD capacity in Q4 2015, the Premium segment maintains a niche with the top 50 Premium TLDs accounting of 3%.


The place for the best Premium performer in Q4 has been taken by .ARCHI, a StartingDot TLD, with a 97% increase, followed by .BLACK with 52%, .HOST with 36% and .SKI, another StartingDot TLD, with a 23% increase. However, .BIO stays StartingDot’s best-selling TLD, which reached the number of 13,000 registrations until the end of Q4 2015.


Remember that In 2014 new gTLDs have become first disposable on the Internet? Most of them have now released, operation which is considered in the newest Premium TLD 50 index and contributed to stability for this quarter. If in Q3 9 new entries were registered in Q4, just one new TLD, .LIMO, entered the tops of the 50 best-selling Premium TLDs. This was compensated by .VERSICHERUNG discarding of the Top 50.


You will find stability in matters related to price, too. The average retail price at which Premium TLDs are given to users, was for Q2 of $71, in Q3 falling to $68 and for Q4 at an average of $67.


Here download the Q4 2015 Premium TLD 50 and here click to see the past reports.


Q4 2015 Top 10

Rank TLD Total Sold Domains Quarter Growth Avg. Retail Price in USD Registry Operator
1 expert 27,600 11% 51 Donuts
2 global 21,622 17% 76 Dot Global
3 xxx 18,603 -1% 91 ICM Registry
4 lawyer 13,686 -1% 42 Rightside
5 porn 13,069 5% 97 ICM Registry
6 bio 12,930 1% 95 StartingDot
7 adult 9,576 4% 98 ICM Registry
8 press 9,172 12% 42 Radix
9 attorney 8.950 -3% 42 Rightside
10 black 8,259 52% 44 Afilias

5 reasons to decide for StartingDot premium domain names:

1. StartingDot TLDs connects to markets and communities with wide spending power and access to an international users base. A premium domain name is an investment meant to aid your business producing major user growth and income.


2. You will need a short, consistent and unique domain name for your business to acquire trustworthiness in front of possible users and investors. StartingDot premium names can deliver you all these at modest prices.


3. Your business or brand name needs a premium domain name to match with a relevant extension to make it memorable for users and increase brand value.


4. StartingDot Premium domain names are fabricated from keywords that a customer uses when looks for online. Single or double common words and notorious names automatically gets traffic organically, without any marketing strategies.


5. Imagine you buy a property with the purpose to convert it in a later investment. That’s how StartingDot Premium domain names can be for you. Values of premium domain names grow daily and are higher than generic domains..

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