Social Media and Search Optimization Trends for Today’s Brands

Q1 of 2016 is almost over and the new transformations in social media and search optimization are certainly inviting today’s brands to think more before they act. It is essential for companies and individuals to be able to protect their domain identity and revisit their online marketing efforts. Here are trends and tips surely to be encountered throughout the year.

Shift to Non-Corporate Content

Over the last few years something amazing has happened and the thought of a powerless customer is no longer. Users are expected to generate more content on a brand’s social pages, to interact with brand ambassadors at all times and to be rewarded in exchange. Another method that companies use is that of giving celebrities and influencers the green light over their social media pages to “borrow” their fans or to generate new ones.

Domain Updates

Don’t just stick with a domain name – go deeper. Name variations are usually good to own for search marketing purposes. Go for a “spider web” approach. If you get to have a different social media page for every product of your company (as seen on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn lately), why not have multiple domains, each addressing a targeted product or need? Instead of blocking visitors from finding the fastest most accurate information on just one website, go for a niched approach.

Warning! Many businesses are still not fully aware on how important it is to keep your domain name short, memorable and clean. Others are stuck in the “Ranking deadpool” trying to compete for a spot in the #1st page of SERPs. If you’re still not sure about your ranking in Google searches, this small tool can help you see within which pages you rank on different search engines, by simply adding your website domain and your keywords.

Remember what happens every time an increasingly accessed domain page crashes for a few minutes? The best example here is Facebook’s downtime. You definitely wouldn’t like your fans to create a hashtag like #facebookdown. The same goes for a slow website. This could be due to a slow interface, a poorly optimized website or a hosting issue. For the latter you don’t necessarily need something expensive, a domain host with good uptime stats and 24/7 customer support is enough to get you started.

Online Advertising Much?

One of the reasons why content and users have become so important is mainly because add-ons such as AdBlock make it difficult for pop-up and sidebar ads to run freely. This leaves the sole choice of enticing the user, relating with them or having a very strong search marketing strategy at hand.

This shifts the approach in order to survive “out there”. A good example here are the news publications that print fewer and fewer issues of their newspapers or magazines relying instead on digital subscriptions an Issuu-inspired services.

The Two-Way Optimization Today

Optimization techniques are evolving to a more two-way approach.

Back-end: No user is going to put up with your laggy or uneven website. With the increase of mobile power, almost 2billion users are using their mobile device 51% of the time. Some opt for mobile responsive designs, others go for a full mobile version of their website. Either way, a smart choice.

Search Engine:  Make sure you don’t make these common mistakes when you are aiming for higher ranks. If search optimization is a jungle, go to the “jungle experts”: agencies and individuals who have the knowledge and tools to help you get there.


Never assume that your work stops after buying a domain name, getting the right host and launching your website. There is a lot of work behind winning #1 place in Google’s heart. Or your fans’. So give your project management a nudge on the screen and start laying down your long term strategy.

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