Rides.com Topped Flippa’s Weekly Sales List at $120,000

Flippa has just sent in their weekly domain name sales list. Rides.com was the highest reported domain name sale.


Here is the sales list :

Rides.com   $120,000 
Tubed.com   $8,400 
RealEstateForeclosures.com   $7,500 
Text.org   $5,012
Youman.com   $4,000
MobileDrones.com   $2,875 
Lionel.net   $2,000 
AutomotiveMechanic.com   $2,000
SlowMotionCamera.com  @ $1,899 
Move.ly   $1,475 
Thiamin.com   $1,000
InsuranceShouters.com   $1,000 
NVM.net   $779 
BDK.net   $601 
SuperAnnuation.info   $550 
Obese.net   $532 
MusicDownloads.info   $525
CrowdFunding.io   $510 
Hive.us   $500 
Evil.io  $500
ntwkr.com   $499
PPCSecrets.com  @$472 
SendGiftCards.com   $455
FirearmMagazine.com   $455
EVUU.com   $419 
Kittens.io   $370
Entertainer.info   $355 
GIWN.com   $300 
BestMortgage.co   $300 
Apiculture.org   $288 
iStudies.com   $250
BannedAccount.com   $250 
GoldAssays.com   $250
GSVP.com   $241
CyberAdvertisers.com   $225
RabbitMail.com   $201
Cleaved.com   $201
F7J.com   $201
Cannabispedia.com   $200 
MXEQ.com  $180

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