Privacy Policy at DomainNews.com

DomainNews is engaged into a continuous effort to ensure that the privacy of its visitors is carefully respected at all times. The following section explains in details how our website collects personal information data and how it is used after this phase ends. You are invited to send us questions about our policy and we will be happy to answer should you require more information or details.

The data we gather:

Any website uses a set of elements which allows it to improve the loading time for its pages or offers a way of making our services better for our users. Such elements (which we will describe in details below) may show information about the type of browser you are currently using, the most frequent times when you surf our website, what are the pages which are more frequently accessed, the number of times you click on a certain link and other similar information. These tools are commonly named “cookies”.

The “web beacons” usually send data regarding the preferences the users have and give us a modality to calculate statistical data and the main directions to follow. They are usually implemented to improve the way our website generally works. They do not disclose any identifiable data about our visitors.

None of these are ever given to third parties entities unless we get a specific consent from you. And even in such cases, no identifiable data is disclosed to anyone.

Added to these, there are some third-party cookies used by Google ads and these advertisements are sometimes displayed on our website based on your clicking choices. There is not any rule on how these advertisers operate and we have no possibility to change their activities, but you have the alternative of altering their interaction with you by accessing the following links:



Another measure you can take is to disable the cookies in the options panel of your browser and for that you can find more guiding lines on their websites. An alternative idea is to install a privacy software that can ensure cookies and web beacons do not collect any data about you.

By taking any of these actions, you will still be able to visit and access our website.

At the same time, blocking the cookies could lead to a restricted website experience and might influence the way in which it works meaning certain features cannot be offered.

We have taken all possible measures in order to protect your privacy and to prevent the unauthorized access of personal data. However, there is no guarantee that all attempted attacks can be stopped. 

Any of the personal data we get from (such as email addresses) you will be solely used to send you regular updates and news that you may request (sometimes, newsletters) or promotional offers from our partners.

You should check this page on a constant basis in order to learn about modifications that may be implemented. If you have questions, we offer you the possibility to send them to us using our contact page.

By clicking “I agree” you express your direct accept of our privacy terms and all the effects they derive from the surfing of our website.

If you do not agree to these Privacy Policy and Terms of Use then you should not access or view this website.

What we use the data for:

– to make sure the products and services you get from us are properly administered (subscriptions and newsletters included);

– to verify that the materials on the website are presented effectively for you and your devices.


The trademarks which are featured in DomainNews articles are the legal ownership of their respective companies and there is no intention to infringe them whatsoever. Any resemblances to current trademarks or organizations are entirely incidental and not on purpose.


The text, pictures and illustrations on DomainNews website are safeguarded by international copyright legislation. You may not reproduce articles without explicit written authorization from DomainNews. 

Any infringement of our copyrights or labels and brand names will be brought to court at once according to the law.