All .PET Lovers Are Free To Register Their Own Domain Name

If you are a pet lover or always wanted to have a business related to animals now is your chance. With the new .PET TLD you can do all that you planned.


Launch Dates


According to Afilias, a leading domain registry operator, the Sunrise Period started on January 19, 2016 and it was opened just for qualified trademark owners until February 23, 2016. In order to bid, you should have visited an accredited registrar.


Open Registration period began on February 23, 2016, but for more details related to the new domain and registration program details visit .
DotPET scored 34th of the 419 TLDs they have been observed for the first day sales from February, 2014, which put them in the TOP 10 %, correspond to data examined with Moreover, .PET scores #2 of the multitude of domains released in 2016.


For Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer of Afilias, this launch represented a genuine joy.

“We have been so excited about opening .PET for General Availability. Pets have a special place in our families, now they have a special place on the Internet too, as .PET becomes the preferred internet address for everything related to pets, pet products and pet services.”


Why should I have a Dot PET ?


For more than 12,000 years dogs are considered ‘man’s best friend’, thus it is not some novelty people’s love for tamed pets. Still, nowadays the pet industry has slowly converted the basic idea of necessities as pet food to a diverse range of items and services varying from clothing kits to daycares and pet spas.
It is scored that pet lovers from US have spent the massive amount of $61 billion dollars during 2015 on things such as vet visits to professional pet nail polishes.


Roland LaPlante affirmed that,

“.PET is the perfect choice for the pet lover and pet industry participants, and all those seeking to reach both.” “.PET is designed to help pet lovers more easily find pet-related products and services on the Internet. It even works for sites dedicated to the pet itself (e.g.! It also makes a great choice for rescues, shelters, clubs, associations and pet lovers of all kinds.”


What .PET can do for me?


Dot PET is an excellent Internet address for pet-linked products and services, that communicates right away to users what is the website about. It is an unrestricted domain and disposable for being registered by registrants worldwide, which makes it easier to memorize and excellent for marketing pet linked items. You can register it for 1 to 10 years at once. Most of the registrants give supplementary packages and services together with your domain name in order you to have what you desired and envisioned.


The domain name is destinated to breeders, pet industry companies (food, pet supplies, accessories, etc), animal rescues, pet services (veterinarians, grooming, petsitting, etc), pet holders, and pet-holders concentrated markets as pet resorts and daycares.


Give your website a strong domain name that will express your dedication to all people best friends and thus it will convert them in your customers .PET can be your new best friend.



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