One Third Of The Guess Filed Complaints Had Success Lately

Did you know that the number of Guess filed complaints is higher than the one of UDRP cases won?

If you were away from what this domain has been doing lately, now you can take a look.


After receiving complaints from Guess, the National Arbitration Forum analyzed the domain names according to three stipulations mentioned below:

  • The domain names are verified to see if they are similar to Google’s trademark.
  • Then the actual holder is checked for ownership.
  • Finally the domain names are checked if they are used with bad intentions.
Number Domain Name Complaint Filing Date Domain Name Registration Date
1 November, 2014 November, 2013
2 November, 2014 November, 2013
3 April, 2015 March, 2015
4 April, 2015 February, 2015
5 May, 2015 March, 2015
6 October, 2015 August, 2015
7 October, 2015 August, 2015
8 October, 2015 June, 2015
9 February, 2016 January, 2016


It seems that the clothing domain name won a third of the filed complaints, which does not represent such a big success, but we hope this year the situation will change. Due to the fact Guess holds globally plenty of trademark registrations for the “Guess” brand, it is clear that the debated domain names are alike to its trademark.



After the company succeeded to prove that the claimant has no rights or legal interest over the debated domain names or that they were used with bad intentions, the judge pleaded in favor of Guess, giving it full rights of the domain names.


Number Domain Name won

Curious how to submit a complaint?


Convinced that domain name should be under your control you file a complaint for which you pay a flat fee. The 15-page complaint must fulfil the three stipulations mentioned above. Once the complaint is send, the respondent will respond before the panel is designated.


Specialized panelists in trademark or domain names can be found all over the world. With the decision taken, the forum releases the decision in their online data so that the registrar implements the order.


The Forum also collaborates with the OP3FT to deliver debate resolution for Frogans addresses.

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