Nomination Period Opened For ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award By 12 March 2016

ICANN has recently announced the opening of the nomination period for ICANN’s Multistakeholder Ethos Award. Released in June 2014 in London, this award program is looking to appreciate long-term community members with leadership roles throughout time in several ICANN working committees or groups, and proved collaboration with various Advisory Committees and/or Supporting Organizations.


Only CANN participants who have truly made an effort in consensus-based solutions, admitting the relevance of ICANN’s multistakeholder type of Internet governance, and cooperate in a particular way to raise the interest of ICANN’s organization and its community, are appreciated and recognized for the Multistakeholder Ethos Award.


The nomination time for community nominees is opened publicly from 10 December 2015 until 12 March 2016.


Community members interested in nominating someone are welcomed to give an email on this address including the following:
– Name of nominee.
– Community of nominee.
– Grounds for nomination.


The grounds defining the candidate’s worth for the nomination may be both summary or long, according to the requirements.


A proved participation in the ICANN Community, for at least five years, is one of the requirements for the candidates.


To select the best candidate(s) for the award(s), a panel of community members is called to contribute to the revision of all community nominations. Based on the following criteria will be taken the decisions:
– Proved multistakeholder volunteer service through working groups or committees.
– Proved spirit of collaboration via commitment with other community members with the goal of consensus designing.
– Proved developer of dialogue and open debate in a reasonable, kind and fellow-like manner.
– Proved supplementary devotional elements showed by time spent helping ICANN’s multistakeholder model and its overall efficiency.

All nominations have to be via email to


At ICANN56 Panama City, in June 2016, is the moment when the Award addressee(s) will be announced.


See the ICANN Community Wiki for more details about the award program.

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