New ICANN Leading Positions Available: Apply Now!

ICANN’s NomCom has recently released leading positions and all the individuals interested in these positions are invited to sent the applications. All the applicants can submit for the following positions:
– three members of the ICANN Board of Directors;
– two ALAC officials (one from Europe and one from North America);
– one member of the Council of the GNSO;
– one member of the Council of the ccNSO.


NameCom intends to offer the selected individuals the opportunity to work with worldwide experienced colleagues and contribute to Internet’s technical coordination and policy evolution.
The chosen individuals will acquire strong insights and experience from working beyond responsibility, culture, information or geography. They will be a huge contribution in the functioning and evolution of this worldwide resource. Considering the high public interest and led by this, the chosen ones will work for achieving ICANN’s mission of managing the worldwide Internet’s systems of exclusive attributes and mainly to provide its solid and safe activity.


In the current NomCom-chosen Board members are included the following: Steve Crocker, Asha Hemrajani, Cherine Chalaby, Rafael Lito Ibarra, George Sadowsky, Lousewies Van der Laan, Bruno Lanvin and Erika Mann.


All the applications for the positions mentioned above can be sent via an online application demand form here or through an email to:
For supplementary details you are free to visit the 2016 NomCom website. Please sent an email, if any questions or inputs, to:


Any recommendation for the candidates is supported and can be sent via an online form here.


All the applications are under the confidentiality policy and are expected for review until 20 March 2016 (23:59 UTC). After the selection will be done in August or September 2016, the outstanding candidates will occupy the positions succeeding ICANN’s Annual Meeting in October 2016. All the position require fluent English speakers, ordinary participation in teleconferences and may imply considerable international travel, namely travelling to ICANN’s three annual Public Meetings.


While the previous year conferences were held in Buenos Aires, Singapore and Dublin, during the 2016 year they will be held on March 5-10 2016, Marrakech, San Juan and Panama City.


Any rational expense related to the course of service will be refunded.


Although not demanded, each Board Member has the possibility to be compensated according to the resolution gave by the Board on 30 July 2014: board-material/resolutions.

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