The New gTLDs Suits Your Business?

What benefits do I have by using new gTLDs?

Those days when you had just a few gTLDs from which to choose faded. The new gTLDs came with a wide variety that will help you select the one that suits you. This is a great opportunity to build your online presence. The new gTLDs are varying from business-focused domains to unconventional extensions. Like when choosing your house there are different advantages and disadvantages to consider. Some may agree with you or not, it depends on what perspective they look, and so does in this case. thinks that the main advantages of such domain names are the following:


It delimits the industry you are part of

The credibility and visibility of your organization, business or you as professional can be increased with these gTLDs. Why? Because they are more specific domain names and thereby your audience will have a more clear overview of its options.


It personalizes your domain

Are you tired of the old and common .com extension? Now you can personalize your URL. In addition, you have more chances to find something available with this type of extension.


It designs memorable URLs

The easiest way to start using your domain is with your URL and email redirection. When are you trying to make a contact list you need to have an unique and easy to remember extension.


We would like to add to these benefits the fact that brands can enjoy of a higher level of efficiency related to the protection of their new gTLDs. But let’s not forget about the increased web traffic and the search rankings. From a Marketing and SEO perspective it’s a good choice.


If you own a medium and large size company here are some recommendations of extensions from

Number Extension Number of Domain Name Registrations
1 .GLOBAL 22 009
2 .EMAIL 55 083
3 .COMPANY 45 111
5 .PROMO 1
7 .EXPERT 27 962
8 .SOLUTIONS 45 583
9 .FEEDBACK 14 621
10 .SUPPORT 16 595
11 .BUZZ 9 901
12 .TEAM 5 894
13 .WEBSITE 141 935
14 .SITE 95 927
15 .WORLD 28 360
16 .TEL 116 265
17 .PRO 174 124
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