New Domain Names Released For You

If you thought we forget to update you with the last domains appeared, you are far away. For instance, let’s take last month, where the new TLD name company XYZ LLC launched three new domains.


What is exactly XYZ LLC ?


XYZ LLC, created by Daniel Negari, is a registry operator that requests and runs new gTLDs through ICANN’s gTLD extension program. Besides being the only remaining candidate for the gTLDs’ .xyz and .college, XYZ.COM LLC is the exclusive applicant for .now also.


Did you know that Daniel Negari initially bought to create a full web experience for individuals and businesses to create their own websites, to register domains, and control online goods? If you don’t, now you do. With an authorization from Verisign and PIR to sell .net, .com and .org domains, proceeded also to grow into an ICANN-accredited registrar. ICANN’s intent to apply for a new gTLD extension program, it turned the company into a registry operator.


So, what are the three domain names released?


All three domains: .Protection, .Security, and .Theatre, were released in general availability. They were initially obtained from other companies, later the company selected these domain names. Watching XYZ’s late launches: .cars, .car, and .auto, the company expect to receive $600 for .theatre and over $2000 for .protection and .security domains.


You are not allowed to register domain names with special characters like & or #, but you can have for these domains up to 63 characters that can include numbers from 0 to 9, letters from a to z and hyphens, excepting the third and fourth characters of the domain name.


Here are some details for a better overview:

-Sunrise Phase: December 17, 2015 to January 19, 2016;
-Early Access Phase: Beginning with January 20, 2016;
-General Availability Phase: Starting with January 27, 2016.




The .SECURITY domain extension represents all you needed: business, home, identity, web and personal security. It can be used by any group, individual or business. .SECURITY is also useful when intend to grow in significant site traffic, networking and customer relations through a niche market for the security industry or to inform your customers they’re defended while purchasing.




If you enjoy writing about protection, security or any other related subject this extension fits you. The new domain extension was originally designed for the IT security and protection field. As .SECURITY extension, it is available for any group, individual or business and can be used to inform your customers they’re defended while purchasing.


This extension is an amazing opportunity to promote yourself or your business online in a more efficient way, thus growing search rankings.




A new online experience is offered by the domain extension .theater for the theater industry , ensuring a safe and trustworthy namespace for the performers, members and businesses connected with the opera, ballet, musicals, live theater and other performing arts. It has a large sphere of users, from any company, troupe, arts region, theatre, business that ensures services for the theatre industry to publications, reviewers and bloggers.

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