NamesCon 2016 Exceeded The Expectations

NamesCon was held this year in Las Vegas and joined more than 1000 attendees for topics like brandable domains, how to sell domains, expectations of the Latin-America market, internet naming, IP protection, Chinese masterclasses and the list can go on.


Day One started with new inclusions like Network Lane and Topic Tables. Richard and Jothan, who were the host of the conference, wished that small businesses, without time and money to attend the full presentation, to have a possibility to expose it in a shorter time.


The second day come with a new arrivals orientation and the uncover of the new Uniregistry platform and app. The participants attended a few surprises during the event, they were told to download the new app and those who did it received premium gTLD domains from Frank Schilling. The other surprise happened pending the remarkable RightOfTHeDot Domain Name Auction. Almost one hundred domain names were sold, in front with, which was sold for $240,000. The true surprise was, however, the domain that was given for free and hours later was sold for $1700.


Here is a top with the most expensive ten domains sold and the less expensive 10 domains sold.

namescom auction 2016


The third and fourth day had more sessions on subjects such as “Hosting & Developing Domains,” “Do Domainers Have Any Rights Left,” “European Market Perspectives,” “Marketing Successes of new TLDs” along with confidential discussions with industry big names like Akram Atallah, Paul Stahura, and Derek Newman.


Mike McLaughlin made known to the public GoDaddy’s latest upgrade regarding the domain investor’s experience with their new GoDaddy Auction app available for the mobile phones – “GoDaddy Investors.” Auctions can now be followed by users through a simple and safe app aspects from their own device.


The new CEO of, Matt Barrie, shared with those who attend the conference the company’s success in domain name transactions, ending the 2015 year with an amount across $240 million from transactions. Lately, has crossed through several changes starting with their modifications concerning the personnel and leadership and their purchase by, making the users doubt about the future. As a way to reassure them, Matt Barrie showed its plans to upgrade the user experience via widen services and also presented the chance to use the Freelancer platform for domain progress. Moreover, Escrow’s contribution of Domain Name Sales via a better API, authorizes on their landing pages a “Buy It Now” aspect.


As a conclusion, the NamesCon equipage succeed to manage a great conference, and it should not be a surprise if the event for 2017 would be even greater.

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