NameJet Reports $2,459,845 in Domain Name Sales in January 2016, Led by at $169.000

NameJet has just sent in their monthly sales report. was the highest reported domain name sale on January 2016. changed hands for $169.000.

NameJet report revealed that there were 301 domain names sold in January 2016.

Here are the highest reported domain name sales in January 2016 :     $169.000,00     $150.000,00     $110.000,00     $70.000,00     $65.500,00     $60.900,00     $60.000,00     $55.500,00     $52.500,00     $45.700,00     $41.200,00     $39.210,00     $37.900,00     $37.000,00     $34.501,00     $31.805,00     $30.200,00     $30.000,00     $27.600,00     $25.000,00     $25.000,00

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