NameJet Partners With .WS Registry to Release 2 and 3 Character Domain Names

NameJet and .WS Registry announced that they will partner to release two and three character domain names on the NameJet auction platform.

You can read the press release after the jump :

” Utilizing NameJet’s award-winning auction technology, the .WS registry is releasing for the first time a limited number of 2 and 3 character domains to the public at onetime only premium fees. Available names include 2-character double consonant domains, 3-character triple consonant and triple number domains.

The Chinese domain market has ignited demand in .WS domains. In the past 3 months .WS registrations have increased by 1500%. The domains in this current offering represent some of the most desirable strings in the Chinese market represented by repeating characters and an abundance of names containing the Chinese lucky number 8.

“NameJet has done an outstanding job of tapping into the Chinese domain market, and we’re thrilled to be working with them,” said Alan Ezeir, President of Global Domains International.

These initial 22 names represent the first of several top tier .WS domains that will be offered exclusively through NameJet. All of these names are available for backorder now with the first auctions closing March 14, 2016.


In addition, Global Domains International today opened up 3 Letter and mixed 2 Character domains for onetime premium registration fees. Please check participating registrars for availability and pricing at .

Recently, 5 character numeric .WS domains were made available for the first time. Initial demand for these domains has been strong and there are still some great combinations available. Please visit to track the availability of .WS domains and to download lists of .WS domains that are currently available to register in select classes.”

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