Monthly Roundup With 10 Most Important News

Hundreds of news, of different sizes, related to domain names are published daily. Probably you don’t even have time to see all those linked to your interest. To ease your work here you have 10 most shared domain news from the last month.


1. just for $12


With more than 7 billion page views per day, it is estimated that Google produces $8 billion revenue.

Due to a moment tech malfunction, become possible to be bought and thus Sanmay Ved took the opportunity and purchase it for just $12.

For its error Google paid $6,006.13 to Ved, figure which if you look carefully you will see that’s Google spelled out in numbers.

All money went for charity, Ved’s intentions not being related to money.


2. Cybersquatters don’t take into account who you are


A website is the most complex online channel that represents you either as a public figure or company, all the important details are contained there. Therefore, a website with a proper domain name is a requirement.

To defend their online presence, all the positive and negative domain names were purchased. Unfortunately, neither huge companies or public figures have escaped from cyber-squatters:

  • Tesla. It took a decade to finally own
  • Jeb Bush. Although it sounds weird, was redirecting to Donald Trump’s website.
  • Google. One moment error could have turned into a catastrophe. Luckily, Google seized on time and took its domain name back for $6,001.13.
  • Disney and Star Wars. Imagine that a dress shop cheated these two entities.
  • MTV. MTV’s former VJ Adam Curry snatched the domain name and keep it until he received a considerable amount of money.
  • McDonalds. A $35,000 donation for a school made Joshua Quittner give back to McDonalds the domain name rights.
  • Candy Land. A short domain rights dispute was caused by a porn entertainment group.
  • Road Runner. After accusing of cybersquatting, Time Warner was eventually declared the holder of the domain .
  • PETA. Funny for Michael Doughney when he created “People Eating Tasty Animals”, cybersquatting for the current PETA.


3. Why .ws domain name worths to be acquired?


Thinking how to foresee a successful domain name? Well, some people affirmed that all is about purchasing right and not about selling right.

You are aware that 2 or 3 character domains are the most wanted. Add to this the fact it is a short name with a strong meaning for the users. That’s why you should know .ws domain means “online” or “ to be on the internet”.

All the domain investors know that Chinese market is on fire, and so do you should.


4. Be aware! People wait for you to make mistakes.


A domain name is for life, an investment that if it is truly flourished will become a brand. Still, not only the focus after you already own it counts, but also what you have to do before:


  • Check if it is easy to remember and spell and most important if it reflects your business.
  • Be conscious of the limit your domain name puts to your business. A different market or new products may not be included due to the limit imposed.
  • Register another spellings of your domain name to avoid others redirect your traffic after registering alike domains or to ease typing.
  • Relevant extensions describe your offer, your target and who you are.
  • Avoid trademark infringement and buy premium domains.
  • Be professional and stop confusing people. Match your domain name with your business.
  • Use keywords in our domain name, it will help you with the SEO strategy.
  • Your domain privacy and protection is as important as your name. Keep away fraudsters with SSL Certificates.


5. Apple’s new acquisitions fuel speculations


Apple Inc. has lately raised a bunch of speculations, especially after purchasing domain names, and
Rumours say that these domains are connected to Apple’s CarPlay, an application that lets drivers enter contacts on their iPhones, listen to voicemails and make calls while driving.


6. What should i choose?


Have your ever asked yourself what domain name fits you or your business better? If you are clueless or you are not completely sure of your choice check these insights:

  • See from where you buy your domain name.
  • The type of domain influences your target, so choose wisely.
  • When you decide for a domain name remember there are two types: brandable and keyword rich. Sometimes focusing on keywords may hurt you because it may help you just with that one keyword.


7. CloudFlare’s new domain name management security service


To avoid domain hijacking CloudFlare released a domain name registration service with increased security controls. With no results in their search of a domain name registrar with better safety, they decided to design its own

Lackey declared:

“We figured this is a problem that other people are having.”

Without a better security the company could go through a lot of issues, from modifying a website’s DNS records to redirect to another website to control to the company’s email or the company’s data traffic.

CloudFlare’s service target are the large companies and organizations with a high brand value linked to the domain name. It’s approach it’s to remove the low control behind registrars or organizations assigned to run domain name registrations. Moreover, it will attach a lot of friction to the process of producing shifts to a DNS record.

CloudFlare will be monitoring each doubtful request for change, like when a company desires to suddenly move its DNS name to another country.

If you often forget that your domain name it’s about to expire, CloudFlare’s registrar service will mechanically renew it.


8. Are used domain names a trap?


Have you checked how credible is the domain name? Although you may be lucky and register a great used domain name, there are a lot to consider when making this choice.

Pump and dump scam select people searching for used domain names. They draw traffic with schemes like spam emails where invite people to visit their website, purchasing hundreds of links or companies that sell counterfeit traffic.

Another way used by them is to show off healthy traffic stats together with increased price, fake WHOIS records and design a new identity and they usually ask lots of questions.

Avoid asking for opinions on forums, fraudsters are watching every move of a potential buyer..


9. When you can’t find a domain name available what do you do?


You want to open a business and you realize that domain name that you want is taken. Don’t worry, there are hundreds of options that you could take. The first thing you should do is to not limit yourself just at the respective name, and enlarge your perspectives:

  • Use an alternative TLD, maybe your own name.
  • Use a ccTLD and you have two options here: restricted ccTLDs and unrestricted ccTLDs. Those restricted require you to be a citizen of the respective region, or have the business there. In addition to rules there is this one to promote the culture and language of the ccTLD.
  • Use a gTLD. They can general for any domain, specific reflecting your business activity or profession, as well as your geographic area.


10. NiRA fights for small fees


In order to encourage the assimilation and inhabitants of Nigeria’ e-commerce space, NIRA intends to lower fees for the acquisition of the .ng internet domain names. Just a quarter of the domains reserved are in the. ng registry, which is a concern for the NIRA President.

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