MFSD: The First European URS

Last month ICANN announced the signing of a MoU with MFSD Srl to set MFSD as the new URS supplier. The URS is the safekeeping mechanism that aims to ease the quick suspension of domain names in explicit cases of brand violation.


For these explicit cases of violation they intend to fill up the current UDRP policy by delivering a smaller cost and quicker journey to resolution.


The first European URS supplier, with its headquarter in Italy, is the MFSD, who has a clear track register of managing domain name disputes for the .IT ccTLD for more than 15 years. In 2012, a year later, MFSD was authorized by the Italian Ministry of Justice to manage cases for the Academy and the Intellectual Property Mediation Center. Moreover, supplementary URS suppliers were placed in North America and Asia.


In order to be an URS supplier, you must meet various demands, such as a proven comprehension of the problems related to the worldwide intellectual property rights and the Internet, procedures in a speed up online context, debate resolutions, and serving as worldwide various and strongly competent neutral panelist.

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