.LGBT Release Marked The 2015 Year

During 2015, which represented an important year, was launched the first and only TLD for the LGBT community. Each LGBT community members, organizations, businesses and other body working for the community can now register for a .LGBT domain name.


Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer of Afilias said that “the wide and active LGBT community now has an Internet address that contains the amplitude and variety of LGBT people worldwide in a safeguarded, natural manner”. “The new .LGBT domain ensures site and email addresses that immediately send ‘LGBT- in a friendly manner’. Organizations and companies, like those below, are aware that .LGBT may contribute in attracting attention in an progressively full marketplace for services, goods and concepts for this specific community.”

Some of the .LGBT initiators have already their sites ready to run:


Colin Lovett, #Boom Media publisher, which is a St. Louis, U.S. based news, supporting and community publication said that both the nomenclature of the .LGBT domain and the LGBT specific content represent the community and will drive the consumers to their website.
Editor Colin Murphy added they expect other organizations, businesses and individuals to take into account attaching or moving to a .LGBT site. Being a common word with an already registered .com site, it is possible to move to a domain name that fits exactly the business they run.


Initially, LGBT Expo was the main U.S. expo organizer that collaborated with a variety of supportive products, companies, services and organizations with the LGBT community.


Executive Director of Life Out Loud Events, Jay Handy affirmed that nothing makes them more proud than the fact they are the head of the change in the LGBT user world for more than 20 years and one of the biggest changes is the release of the .LGBT domain. Due to this domain, businesses and organizations are now easily identified by being in this domain.



Angela Giampolo, known better as Philly Gay Lawyer, is a specialist on LGBT legal problems and has been recommended as a top national specialist, as a Fox News Analyst and on American News Radio, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and multiple Sirius stations. In addition, she is the host of her own radio show known as SpeakOUT on Q102 and the owner of blogs at phillygaylawyer.com.


“Philly Gay Lawyer” is the support of Angela’s law firm, GLG, founded in Philadelphia. GLG delivers a large range of legal services such as LGBT Employment Discrimination, Family Law, Business Law, Transgender Law, and Real Estate. Angela Giampolo declared that as an LGBT advocate is more than honored to be conferred the domain name ‘lawyer.lgbt’ because it really matches with her passion of promoting LGBT rights. She moved her dedicated blog, phillygaylawyer.com, to LGBT civil rights, to the fresh one .LGBTweb address. Thus, this change shows what she is and for what she stands, which is full national acceptance and equality of LGBT rights.”



Out Now is a worldwide LGBT variety expert, offering global consulting for organizations about variety marketing and research initiatives. They posted their LGBT2020 study report on the LGBT site emphasizing how important is the variety and comprehension policies for LGBT people at their workplace. Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now, remarked that ‘LGBT enchant people’. While each LGBT person from all countries are free to take pleasure in lives of safety and mutual respect, the new .LGBT domain moved forward for our communities worldwide to link, learn and design more visible and remarkable lives for people.



PinkNews is a digital media organization founded in London and New York, specialised in news of all genres for the LGBT community. Anastasia Kyriacou, PinkNews Partnerships Coordinator remarked that PinkNews’ method is to include news in an smart manner. With a significant public in the UK, US and worldwide, we are confident it is normal step to consolidate our international news over the .LGBT web address. PinkNews was established to relate on LGBT problems, which is reflected in the web address ending in LGBT letters. We are eager to connect with the worldwide LGBT community on this easy to remember, specific, and meaningful web address.


Being the first and exclusively devoted space for the LGBT community, the .LGBT domain also has a reasonable-use policy that defends the web extension from possible abuse.


To have your own .LGBT domain name, you can record with any certified .LGBT registrar. Visit: www.get.LGBT for more information.

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