January’s Premium .SKI Domain Names Launch

At the auction, that will be held on January 11, 2016 at 2:00 PM (Pacific Time) at the NamesCon event , will be found a few of the most important .ski domain names. The conference is going to happen at Tropicana Hotel and Casino and will be available as well online.


Those interested in purchasing a premium .Ski domain name like Water.ski, Rentals.ski, i.ski and Jet.ski are asked to pay attention on the auction. All the domains mentioned above are disposable for the public firstly with normal renewal fees. Moreover, they are the most important .ski domain names launched and Stephane Van Gelder expressed its gratitude to the professionals from RightofTheDot for the help in commercializing, selling, bidding and positioning them.


The fame of premium .ski domain names was showed through a number of generic name sales. The global fame of skiing, driving to and spending holidays at ski venues, attending ski conferences and contests, shopping for ski clothing makes the .ski premium names the most captivating sports new gTLD and an important investment for the future.


During last years there were recorded more than 115 million skiers worldwide, where ski areas had more than 400 million visits. Worldwide, there are around 2,000 ski venues with a total amount of 5,000 assigned areas.


The first people that purchased .ski domain names comprised ski venues, experts in skiing, producer and seller of ski clothing, as well as those in the ski & travel industry.


Monte Cahn, the RightofTheDot president, has pleased exhibited its strong excitement regarding the future.

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