Independent Review of the Trademark Clearinghouse

To evaluate the efficiency of the three main areas with respect to the Clearinghouse goals accomplishment and detecting resolutions for coming application rounds of the new gTLD Program, ICANN looked for one or multiple providers to manage an independent review of the Trademark Clearinghouse.


In this review the three main fields are: Trademark Clearinghouse Guidelines and Evaluation Process; Sunrise Period; and Trademark Claims Service. The chosen provider(s) will be assigned to plan and perform a survey for creating a considerable report of quantitative and qualitative data on the listed fields of evaluation. Moreover the first version of the report will be published for review and improved after the feedback received. The final version will be posted and delivered to GAC for analysis and conclusions. To administer this, ICANN looked for competent providers in a convenient and productive manner and intended it to conclude until November 2015.


On the basis of the GAC recommendation in May 2011 for a complete post-release independent review of the Clearinghouse to be managed one year after the launch of the 75th new gTLD in the period, ICANN has agreed to manage a review to evaluate processes connected with the Clearinghouse towards the stated fields for review voted by the GAC. The GAC fields suggested for review are expected to evaluate if the goals, functionality and processes of the Clearinghouse would be in the advantage of the extended time of the Clearinghouse notifications across the 90 days and if the computerized system is supposed to enable the incorporation of inexact matches.


Furthermore, the review will include an elaborate evaluation of the efficiency of TMCH concerning processes in accomplishing their planned rights protection goals. With this Independent review it is expected to detect other problems for assessment that might be included in the review of the Trademark Clearinghouse like problems that could be directed in policy progress work in community.


Considering Trademark Clearinghouse was designed with the purpose to back rights protection and serve as a wide ecosystem of Trademark Agents and Trademark Holders, registrars and registries, registrants, the study has to be capable to collect relevant inputs in a representative way from the plenty of players for the new domain space.

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