ICANN’s Goals, Objectives, and Portfolio Shepherds

From ICANN’s community perspective, it is necessary to deliver a secure point of view of the released information on Shepherds in order to increase the visibility into which managers are accountable for gathering and communicating cross-functional strong efficiency to work at ICANN.


Directed by the Five-Year Management Plan and the Strategic Plan, which were designed by the community with personnel, and arranged in gradation of Objectives, Goals, Portfolios, and Projects, the goal of the Project Portfolio Management System is to ensure visibility into ICANN’s annual work. “The Project Portfolio Management System structure” is not an association diagram and had never the intention to emphasize or consider communicating structures or budget supervision duties, as it is posted in ICANN’s 31 Jul 2015 blog . It rather presents wide cross-functional goals and objectives than communicating structures or budgets. Practically all objectives and goals in ICANN’s Project Portfolio Management System and Strategic Plan is cross-functional and implies various areas in the association.”


When it was designed, the Project Portfolio Management System structure was expected to be that one that develops throughout time, is arranged for new circumstances and is from time to time changed as part of underway process evolution. Thus, ICANN is posting a list to analyze the actual structure of Objectives, Goals, Portfolios and Shepherds before the structure discovered in the Adopted FY16 Managing Plan and Budget. The list is available in the following documents: List of Objectives, Goals, Portfolios and Shepherds.


Moving on, in the annual Operating Plan and Budgets you can find the Shepherds posted by ICANN.


Any update on ICANN’s Project Portfolio Management System is available at myicann.org. Besides this ICANN’s efficiency communicating mechanisms, it is included also the Quarterly Financial Statements, the KPI Beta Dashboard, and the Quarterly Stakeholder Calls.

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