ICANN 55 Was Held In Marrakech, Morocco This Year

As you probably remember ICANN has three public meetings during a year and the first one of 2016, ICANN 55, has just finished yesterday. If you hadn’t the chance to see all details related to the conference read this article.


ICANN 55 was held in Marrakech, Morocco, at the Palmeraie Conference Center from 5 to 10 March, 2016. Like all ICANN conferences the schedule is full of different sessions ready to solve some “big” issues. To not extend the time of suspense here are the issues that made from ICANN 55 an amazing meeting:

ICANN’s new CEO / IANA transition / ICANN’s budget / IANA transition costs / Whois matters / Policy changes


Still ICANN’s CEO, Fadi Chehadé, as it was announced months ago, is going to be replaced by Göran Marby. Despite its impressive resume, it’s too soon to have more than a first impression related to its job.


The topic that stood for the last 2 years was the IANA transition and that happened thanks to the government’s special relationship with ICANN and IANA.


Perhaps boring for some, but the IANA database and functions are essential for the right operation of the DNS. The entire operation of moving the stewardship away from NTIA should have been accomplished by September last year. So far, ICANN and the Internet community have proved that collaboration is the main key. Close to an end, at this moment all we expect is to be accepted by everyone. It’s a challenge that keeps us hoping.


Once a US-centric, ICANN has worked hard on its strategy to expand as organisation by hiring staff and opening offices all over the world. All this things come with some expenses, but with some serious incomes after a flux of new TLD applications too. Money related topics never missed from a meeting, thus some figures will in the spotlight. Until this moment, ICANN has spent on the IANA transition more than $18 million.


Another favorite subject of all ICANN meetings is Whois. One subject to take into consideration is the one speaking about a possible substitution of the actual whois system.


As any other organisation from time to time it changes, updates its policy. This time ICANN’s update was related to the registrant.


Destiny or just a strategy? In the same place and almost the same period as ICANN 55, it was held also the the Africa DNS Forum 2016 from 4-6 March.


Stay tuned for the next ICANN meetings that will happen this year:

  1. ICANN56 | Policy Forum will be held in Helsinki from 27-30 June 2016
  2. ICANN57 (18th AGM) will be held in San Juan from 29 October – 4 November 2016



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