ICANN Announced The Complete CCT Review Team

As ICANN announced, 17 persons were chosen to be part of the team that will analyse the new gTLD Program regarding the competition, consumer trust and consumer choice. The Review team fellows are from various geographic regions and fields of competence, and they proved to have knowledge about the new gTLD Program or one of the revision domains.


The GNSO approved six revision team members while ALAC just two of them. Four of them will work as separate professionals with strong information of economics, intellectual property law and user security, as well as Internet security for the team. Two of the remanent five will be operating with the ccNSO, two will represent the GAC and one will belong to the ICANN’s CEO.


According to ICANN’s Affirmation of Commitments, ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé and GAC Chair Thomas Schneider selected all the CCT review team fellows. From a total of 72 applications and based on serious considerations the counterparts made choices that resulted the individuals from above. All applications were assessed based on the criteria defined in the call for volunteers, mainly focusing on candidates’ competence in competition, consumer trust and consumer choice. In addition, they took into account approvals and advices from the GNSO and ALAC. Chehadé and Schneider selected their candidates framing a sample of experience and geographic variety.


The CEO and GAC chair are enabled by the Affirmation of Commitments to help the review team or assign representatives. ICANN’s Jamie Hedlund will represent Fadi Chehadé and Laureen Kapin of the GAC Public Safety Working Group and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission will serve Thomas Schneider.


It is expected the CCT review team to fill up its final draft of the report until December 2016 and to summon for its first meeting in January 2016. For further updates and information follow icann.org and be aware of the public meetings.

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