How An SSL Certificate May Help You?

What a SSL Certificate means?

SSL Certificate, known as well as digital certificates, is the protocol that allows encrypted communication between a browser (consumer’s computer) and a server (website). The SSL Certificates are securing the sensitive data like the credit card information, transactions, logins and data transfer for millions of online businesses and individuals from being damaged or stolen .


Once installed, the SSL Certificate has two functions:

-It certifies the identity of the website;
-It encrypts the submitted data.


Based on the number of domain names or subdomains possessed, there are numerous types of SSL Certificate:
Single – provides one completely-certified domain name or subdomain name;
Wildcard – ensures one domain name and limitless number of its subdomains;
Multi-Domain – provides several domain names.


and multiple levels of validation:


Domain Validation – the least expensive, that provides basic encryption and review of the control of the domain name registration and takes a few minutes to multiple hours to get;
Organization Validation – in addition to domain validation, this level certifies you certain details (for example name and address) and takes the same time to get;
Extended Validation – this one ensures the highest degree of security thanks to the full examination managed before this certificate is send and takes a few days to multiple weeks to get. Moreover, there is examined the physical and operational presence of the entity.


84 percent of online end users affirmed that if their data would be transmitted through an unsecured connection, they would not intend to purchase from an website anymore, according to a survey from 2014. Also, 77 percent showed their preoccupation concerning the hijacking and/ or abuse of their personal details, meaning they are seeking evidences in order to see if they can trust a website or not.


Consequently, what is the solution?

We consider that adding security certification will grow your conversion rate. For instance GlobalSign, which is a reliable web Certificate Authority and source of SSL certificate, completed the survey at the end of 2014, in Europe. Its main concern was to review the end user conduct related to online security. The conclusions of this survey were not surprisingly at all. If you do not want to have your data damaged, it is normal first to see if it is secured. The only question is why the website possessors are not concerned in exposing security indicators.


Your end user need to know that your site is secure

The GlobalSign survey uncovered that 55% of  are afraid of being scammed on the Internet and their identity will get on wrong hands. At the same time 75 percent are conscious of security risks when accessing a website. How many transactions have you, as an website owner, lost?


How you recognize a security indicator?

When you see a green padlock with the company name, and HTTPS in the URL, you will know that it is a security indicator. Moreover, the company name in the address bar makes the consumers realize that that website has the best level of encryption. A noticeable contact name gives the end users confidence, according to the survey.


To further ensure validity to your website, you have the possibility to add site marks/seals. Once they feel safe visiting your website, the conversion rate will increase.


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