Highest Reported Domain Name Sales on March 3rd,2016

WWN.com was the highest reported domain name sale on March 3rd,2016. The domain name was sold for $62,100.

According to NameBio.com, there were 286 domain name sales on March 3rd,2016, totalling $314,378.

Here are the highest reported domain name sales on March 3rd,2016:

wwn.com     $62,100     NameJet
tfk.com     $55,501     NameJet
fzv.com     $25,726     Sedo
hici.com     $5,100     NameJet
efff.com     $5,010     NameJet
balletlessons.com     $5,000     NameJet
dungeons.com     $4,176     NameJet
pst.net     $4,109     NameJet
jnb.net     $3,228     NameJet
dxr.net     $3,218     NameJet
gyd.net     $3,201     NameJet
pnd.net     $3,118     NameJet
xgn.net     $3,100     NameJet
joyapp.de     $3,065     Sedo
hr-software.de     $2,846     Sedo
afrikareizen.nl     $2,737     Sedo
adonix.com     $2,509     NameJet
ttnd.com     $2,350     NameJet
ymn.cc     $2,252     Sedo
valuehealthcare.com     $2,194     BuyDomains
fhww.com     $2,100     NameJet
kyfw.com     $2,025     GoDaddy
healthyenergy.com     $2,010     NameJet
ghnn.com     $2,000     NameJet
grtg.com     $2,000     NameJet

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