Highest Reported DOmain Name Sales on March 2nd,2016

NZE.com was the highest reported domain name sale on March 2nd,2016. The domain name was sold for $26,000.

According to namebio.com, there were 307 domain name sales on March 2nd,2016.

Here are the highest reported domain name sales on March 2nd,2016:

nze.com     $26,000     Sedo
privat.com     $12,999     Flippa
wupload.com     $8,700     NameJet
an.al     $6,000     Flippa
vinyl.tv     $5,429     Sedo
bepay.com     $5,100     Sedo
h36.com     $4,962     4.CN
hfb.net     $3,450     Sedo
lpf.net     $3,220     GoDaddy
xnf.net     $3,200     NameJet
tlp.net     $3,101     Sedo
vyyy.com     $3,000     NameJet
mxq.net     $3,000     NameJet
hmd.net     $3,000     NameJet
sarahgray.com     $3,000     BuyDomains
floridaoffshore.com     $3,000     BuyDomains
ngk.net     $2,900     NameJet
pkn.net     $2,900     NameJet
lottoservice.net     $2,788     BuyDomains
quickfunds.com     $2,705     GoDaddy
qdn.net     $2,600     NameJet
271271.com     $2,519     4.CN
lifespy.com     $2,500     NameJet
stealthmedia.com     $2,500     Sedo
mmbj.com     $2,399     NameJet
wil.org     $2,355     NameJet
lgpp.com     $2,300     NameJet
pbsb.com     $2,201     Sedo
headhunter.org     $2,100     NameJet
waterstart.com     $2,000     BuyDomains

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