Highest Reported Domain Name Sales on March 16th,2016

Spartstrumpf.de was the highest reported domain name sale on March 16th,2016. The domain name changed hands for $52,840.

There were 294 domain name sales on March 16th,2016, according to NameBio.com.

Here are the highest reported domain name sales on March 16th,2016 :

sparstrumpf.de     $52,840     Sedo
1804.com     $17,810     NameJet
383333.com     $12,907     Pheenix
nalka.com     $6,000     Sedo
aitrade.com     $4,088     BuyDomains
mwz.net     $3,402     NameJet
mwj.net     $3,322     NameJet
rqg.net     $3,300     NameJet
79579.com     $3,099     NameJet
nhq.net     $2,710     NameJet
watchinsurance.com     $2,501     NameJet
bookediting.com     $2,500     NameJet
bedtimereading.com     $2,444     BuyDomains
sunandmoon.org     $2,388     BuyDomains
myhomemortgage.com     $2,225     GoDaddy
quedubonheur.com     $2,109     Sedo
rentalcompany.com     $2,100     NameJet
santamaria.org     $2,001     GoDaddy
hocusa.com     $2,000     BuyDomains
cssf.com     $2,000     NameJet
artfoods.com     $2,000     BuyDomains
qhqb.com     $2,000     NameJet
txxg.com     $1,989     NameJet
adni.com     $1,966     NameJet
kamb.com     $1,900     NameJet
xrpy.com     $1,700     NameJet
textiledesigns.com     $1,694     BuyDomains
yanding.com     $1,600     DropCatch
boatscanner.com     $1,600     Sedo

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