Highest Reported Domain Name Sales on January 22, 2016

Laplagne.com was the highest reported domain name sale on January 22,2016. The domain name changed hands for $7,055 via NameJet.

According to namebio.com, there were 247 domain name sales on January 22,2016, for a total of $149,759 .

Here are the highest reported domain name sales on January 22,2016 :

laplagne.com     $7,055     NameJet
x.hn     $6,080     4.CN
xuncha.com     $6,004     4.CN
licensedpracticalnurse.com     $5,311     GoDaddy
organicbazaar.com     $5,100     Sedo
seedteam.com     $4,950     Flippa
rogueone.com     $3,441     BuyDomains
ztd.net     $3,250     NameJet
ztk.net     $3,219     NameJet
ztj.net     $3,202     NameJet
xdzb.com     $3,050     DropCatch
needwork.com     $2,699     NameJet
sunproperties.com     $2,601     NameJet
coastalcountry.com     $2,500     BuyDomains
houselife.com     $2,477     DropCatch
puresound.com     $2,425     GoDaddy
cheben.com     $2,300     GoDaddy
bdtr.com     $2,055     GoDaddy
subcultura.com     $2,000     BuyDomains
rtdx.com     $2,000     Sedo
swamphouse.com     $2,000     BuyDomains
rossana.com     $1,866     NameJet
kanari.com     $1,825     DropCatch
wswr.com     $1,800     Flippa
lovely.net     $1,701     DropCatch
kbh.cc     $1,550     DropCatch
thepizzaspot.com     $1,500     BuyDomains
auto-partner.com     $1,500     BuyDomains

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