Highest Reported Domain Name Sales on January 21, 2016

5by.com was the highest reported domain name sale on January 21st,2016. The domain name changed hands for $5,100.

According to NameBio, there were 234 domain name sales for a total of $153,801.

Here are the highest reported domain name sales on January 21 ,2016 :

5by.com     $5,100     GoDaddy
wwqw.com     $4,000     GoDaddy
energylife.com     $3,688     Sedo
zsb.net     $3,300     NameJet
ztb.net     $3,210     NameJet
zsq.net     $3,100     NameJet
82352.com     $3,069     4.CN
legalquestion.com     $3,000     GoDaddy
insight.io     $3,000     Flippa
watermedia.com     $3,000     Sedo
lebenslaufvorlagen.de     $2,995     Sedo
paragonplastics.com     $2,700     DropCatch
gmdm.com     $2,409     Sedo
eseminar.com     $2,352     NameJet
omegalabs.com     $2,327     DropCatch
zytp.com     $2,260     NameJet
brw.cc     $2,250     DropCatch
mgnx.com     $2,202     Sedo
lyzw.com     $2,201     NameJet
worldnewscenter.com     $2,200     BuyDomains
gydn.com     $2,102     Sedo
wbwh.com     $2,051     Flippa
xhsn.com     $2,019     NameJet
prepareandprosper.com     $2,000     BuyDomains

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