Highest Reported Domain Name Sales on February 25,2016

VAF.com was the highest reported domain name sale on February 25,2016. The domain name was sold for $26,500.

According to NameBio.com, there were 259 domain name sales on February 25,2016, totalling $225,811 .

Other interesting domain name sales include :

azoogleads.com     $11,361     GoDaddy
cnnc.com     $9,400     Sedo
lendingkey.com     $7,500     Sedo
indien.com     $6,210     NameJet
lexit.com     $6,000     Sedo
brightwater.com     $3,737     NameJet
idealpartners.com     $3,730     BuyDomains
qhb.net     $3,610     NameJet
uaeproperties.com     $3,500     GoDaddy
firewall.io     $3,400     Flippa
mxp.net     $3,270     GoDaddy
wkb.net     $3,250     NameJet
qls.net     $3,208     NameJet
hyperswitch.com     $3,200     BuyDomains
pmy.net     $3,200     NameJet
accidentkit.com     $2,888     BuyDomains
thescience.com     $2,766     NameJet
prograin.com     $2,600     BuyDomains
jiudian.cc     $2,251     Pheenix
cdkr.com     $2,200     NameJet
gwyc.com     $2,161     Sedo
yzdg.com     $2,150     Sedo
rwym.com     $2,104     Sedo
bbdr.com     $2,101     Sedo
tcfy.com     $2,100     NameJet

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