Highest Reported Domain Name Sales on February 24,2016

429.com was the highest reported domain name sale on February 24, 2016. The domain name was sold for $138,010.

According to NameBio.com, there were 319 domain name sales on February 24, 2016, totalling $375,471.

Here are the highest reported domain name sales on February 24, 2016:

429.com     $138,010     NameJet
odr.com     $35,000     NameJet
assembled.com     $8,000     BuyDomains
3qu.com     $7,760     DropCatch
mottoparty.de     $6,610     Sedo
whocalled.com     $5,007     DropCatch
caminando.com     $4,526     DropCatch
lww.net     $4,266     NameJet
dsone.com     $4,220     BuyDomains
ttf.net     $4,000     NameJet
ycb.net     $3,451     NameJet
zmg.net     $3,321     NameJet
bike-online.de     $3,305     Sedo
yrt.net     $3,302     NameJet
smn.net     $3,301     NameJet
textilerestoration.com     $3,291     BuyDomains
rgq.net     $3,208     NameJet
79671.com     $3,200     NameJet
bu.biz     $3,100     Sedo
justgarciahill.org     $3,050     GoDaddy
ccnm.com     $2,609     NameJet
arcbrcr.org     $2,275     GoDaddy
rlmt.com     $2,250     NameJet
1575.net     $2,220     NameJet
yxtq.com     $2,051     Sedo

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