Highest Reported Domain Name Sales on February 17,2016

According to namebio.com, 6750.com was the highest reported domain name sale on February 17,2016. The domain name was sold for $28,466 .

According to whois records, the domain name was first registered in January 2002.

There were 253 domain name sales on February 17,2016.

Here are the highest reported domain name sales on February 17,2016:

6750.com     $28,466     GoDaddy
zawan.com     $6,700     DropCatch
contactcare.com     $5,000     Sedo
usbreeders.com     $4,388     BuyDomains
jobcheck.com     $4,000     Sedo
gzj.net     $3,512     NameJet
bfq.net     $3,511     NameJet
wpx.net     $3,510     NameJet
bcq.net     $3,401     NameJet
xianchu.com     $3,100     NameJet
restoringvision.com     $3,000     BuyDomains
angely.com     $3,000     BuyDomains
xmww.com     $2,800     NameJet
bzmy.com     $2,560     NameJet
dcnt.com     $2,531     GoDaddy
onlinetreatment.com     $2,499     BuyDomains
htqt.com     $2,350     NameJet
ktks.com     $2,260     GoDaddy
jbr.cc     $2,260     DropCatch
beyonse.com     $2,222     Flippa
pdt.cc     $2,155     GoDaddy
presets.com     $2,050     Sedo
goros.com     $1,751     DropCatch
siteclub.com     $1,609     NameJet
jlu.net     $1,583     GoDaddy
crimeline.com     $1,500     NameJet

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