GoDaddy’s Approach Towards Indian Market

According to Rajiv Sodhi, Vice President and Managing Director at GoDaddy India and Australia, you will see what challenges is GoDaddy taking for the indian market, where is situated GoDaddy in India and what is the go-to-market strategy that sets the brand and increases the number of customers.


GoDaddy’s challenges regarding the indian market


While the internet penetration grows, the series of domain names is still low, due to the lack of awareness. People believe that only brands and big companies are allowed to access the Internet. It seems they are afraid of not being big enough to own a domain name and a website as individual or small company.


A recent study, led by Redshift and GoDaddy, says that 19 percent of small businesses are thinking that purchasing a domain name, creating a website, and promoting it through social media is too complex and they are not competent to do it.


And it is not just a matter of fear, small businesses do not take seriously this concept of online environment and branding and this can happen because they either do not understand the benefits for their business or they are thinking that a small business does not justify the need of a website.

GoDaddy position and go-to-market strategy

Indian market represents the rock base for GoDaddy’s worldwide expansion, especially because of India’s Internet use and economic increase rates. This was the first reason when they decided to step up their country boundaries. As the IAMAI and IMRB Report proves, today India has more than 400 million Internet users. Believing or not, India is the country that follows USA in numbers of internet users.


With more than 33 percent of the total indian market share, GoDaddy is the best registrar for .in domain names, according to NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India). Moreover, their India websites scores #50 on Alexa, fact that proves the indian market is increasing and users are more interested in building their online presence with GoDaddy, by using its services.


When trying to implement the go-to-market strategy, they focused to approach the following ideas:


  • Promoting the power Internet can have over their businesses among small businesses and how it can expand and increase them.
  • Keep building easy to use and reasonably priced services and products for the indian market.
  • Offering a high quality 24/7 customer care centre located in Hyderabad.


GoDaddy is as well working to create web designers and developers ecosystem that will help reaching the users easily and making Internet more relevant for their experience.

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