GoDaddy Investor App Launch

GoDaddy, the largest operator worldwide in the domain name aftermarket, has published a post marking known the release of their first domain name app for domain investors.


The launch of the GoDaddy Investor App, on both iOS and Android, will offer to domain investors the possibility to follow auctions and bid on them.


With highly time-responsive and challenging aftermarket domain name auctions, the access at any time and from any place is essential for all investors, even for the experienced ones.


GoDaddy Investor App Aspects


A diversity of aspects are now available for you:

  • Real time domain auctions – Domain name investors can now observe in real time a watchlist full of active expiry domain name auctions.
  • Bid on domains and, despite the fact you are the highest bidder or have been outbid, you receive real-time feedback – Realizing how fast domain name auctions can be gained or lost, GoDaddy added the option of push notifications that will alert the investors when they have been outbid at auctions about to close.
  • See the details behind an auction – Domain name investors can see the auction past for each domain name when they are following multiple auctions. Moreover, they are able to view the bidding past on each name; If you want to know the number of bidders and the prices of their bids now you can. The goal is to have much more informed bidders in order to make the best choices in the shortest time possible.
  • Have your watchlist to view auctions – The app also comes with a up-to-date and visual dashboard that gathers all the auctions; investors can see in real time how many auctions have been gained by other investors, bid on, or watch general using the app.
  • Put proxy bids – Investors have the chance to put proxy bids on any wanted domain name.
  • Use Auctions PIN or TouchID to re-authenticate – Consumers can safely re-authenticate with their Auction PIN (Andriod, iOS) or Touch ID (iOS) for better safety.


You can find now, on the English-speaking market,The GoDaddy Investor v 1.0 for iPhone and iPad, (iOS 8 and above) and Android phones (4.1 and above).

  • You can download GoDaddy Investor for iOS here.
  • You can download GoDaddy Investor for Android here.


How is the App working?

  • The first step is to log in your GoDaddy account, but in case you have two-step authentication setup you will be required to insert the authentication code.
  • The second step you  create a PIN, which will be your auction PIN. Every time you place a bid you will use this four number PIN on a domain name via the app. If your device has available Touch ID you have the possibility to use it. How? It needs your fingerprint to check any transactions or bids you make.
  • Finally you are free to go and start your investing. One thing to remember is that to add new domain names to your watchlist in the GoDaddy Investor app, first you have to add them via the web interface.


The GoDaddy Investor app shows the importance of their mission to spread the role of small businesses by making known the fact that people can run their own websites and invest in the domain name economy.


Over the year, GoDaddy has increased in customers, succeeding to have more than 13 million globally, and more than 61 million domain names under their management.

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