GNSO Review: Final Report Released By An Independent Investigator

In the second half of the 2015 year, Westlake Governance Limited, who is the investigator for the review of the GNSO, released its final report. This is an important achievement in the roadmap of ICANN’s engagement to uninterrupted progress, liability and lucidity. Conclusions came after wide counseling with the GNSO and the larger ICANN community, a formal public comment process and continuous commitment and participation of the GNSO Review Working Party.


According to Westlake, GNSO advanced in putting into action a Working Group model as the basis for unanimity work, in rearranging the GNSO Council and in developing connection and coordination with the ICANN Board and other structures, among other betterments. The continuous organizational efficiency determined Westlake to give 36 references in the fields of: participation & presentation, continuous progress, lucidity and lining up with ICANN’s future.


Referring to the preparation for the possible implementation of Board-authorized proposals, the GNSO Review Working Party will ensure their input on practicability, concentrating on prioritize the proposals and alignment of implementation with other upgrades already planned or ongoing. Once reviewed all community input, the ICANN Board is expected to involve on the discoveries and proposals in the early part of 2016.
Final Report of Review of the GNSO can be accessed from the bring up to date GNSO Review web page.


What is the importance of the GNSO Review?

The GNSO is accountable for improving and suggesting to the ICANN Board independent policies regarding to gTLDs.

The aim of the review was to assess organizational efficiency of the GNSO similarly with the ICANN-ensured objective and measurable criteria; progressive acknowledge fields, detect fields that request improvement and suggest necessary changes. This review is required by ICANN’s Bylaws. The Organizational Effectiveness Committee of the Board is accountable for review and supervision of policies regarding to ICANN’s underway organizational review operation.


In what way is the GNSO Community implicated?

Before launching the report, pending 14 months, Westlake Governance runned research, reviewed data and assessed efficiency of previous review suggestions joining forces with the GNSO Review Working Party. The GNSO Review Working Party formed of 20 members, representing the variety of the GNSO Community, was created by the GNSO Council as a connection between the GNSO, the Independent Investigator and the ICANN Board. Led by Jen Wolfe, this group was the sound of the GNSO community during the Review, which brought various serious Review process improvements.


What does “continuous improvement” speak about?

The GNSO Review Working Party is intended to have a vital role in prioritizing suggestions and providing a divided input of what an “efficient” or “successful” execution should be. The independent review process supported various views on how GNSO should be organized for the future and these debates aim to ensure useful input into GNSO’s implementation work. Topics like structural improvements are necessary and when these type of improvements should be taken into consideration will be debated after the decision of the Review process, that is possible to happen pending the implementation planning.


GNSO Review via Numbers

– 21 GNSO Review Working Party Meetings;
– 23 Public session @ ICANN meetings;
– 178 Filled in 360 Surveys;
– 40 one-on-one Interviews;
– 1,300+ Unique page views to Wiki, Announcements and Blogs;
– 7 Webinars, Videos & Blogs;
– Public Comments from 12 Organizations & 3 Individuals.

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