.FROGANS gTLD: The Only Application That Fulfilled ICANN’s Policy Requirements Of Promoting Innovation

From all the applicants that asked for new strings just one fulfilled the ICANN’s policy requirements when comes to promote innovation, namely website performance. The .frogans gTLD was designed to enable new methods of publishing in any location and on any device and not to sell an email address or a website.


The places where consumers can download the Frogans Player are the launched domain names get.frogans and fcr.frogans, places that are favorable for any type of business that plans to introduce itself primarily as application. As an example, a press agency can present its fundamental headlines with the help of this application, restaurants can display their menus options or for a bike store can present the number of bicycles are disposable at a specific period of time for renting.


Other advantages of these domain names are the assured safeguarding for any attack and the small data transmission rate requested to manage them, which it is convenient to use in places where data rates are compressed and valuable.


Referring to design, the applications are similar to Windows 7 devices and were able to perform only with their name inscribed, without the protocol they were using. In terms of prices, if a standard recorded address with this string costs €6 per year, companies names can get to €1.500 per year.


For recording the addresses, only ten languages were enabled, including Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Devanagari. In the second part of the 2015 year was launched the final version of the Frogans Player.

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