Flippa’s February Domain Name Sales List! Retard.com – the highest domain name sale of the month

Flippa has just sent in their monthly sales report. Retard.com was the highest domain name sale in February,2016, changing hands for 61,936.

Nerdy.com was the second highest reported domain name sale at $60,000, followed by Bid.net, at $24,999.

Here are the highest reported domain name sales in February 2016:

retard.com    $61,936
nerdy.com    $60,000
bid.net    $24,999
vbd.com    $22,000
lottobroker.com    $21,500
AspenColorado.com    $16,751
Tech.io    $15,105
Sucker.com    $15,000
loan.cc    $9,650
solarcharger.com    $9,150
poll.org    $8,500
mightysat.com    $7,500
vanguardsystems.com    $7,000
swap.io    $5,100
yeps.com    $4,605
* celester.com    $4,000
he.io    $3,500
20009.com    $3,300
tymr.com    $3,050
comparebest.com    $3,000
AsbestosLawyer.net    $3,000
downtonabbey.com    $2,999
lotterybroker.com    $2,900
Portfolio of (100) 6N.com Domains    $2,851
jnk.net    $2,750
rplus.com    $2,655
llkw.com    $2,650
Luuu.com    $2,601
elom.com    $2,500
PopularImages.com    $2,500
Portfolio of 28 Generic .COM Domains    $2,200
jdld.com    $2,100
njnr.com    $2,100
tnld.com    $2,051
Elic.com    $2,051
xtxc.com    $2,050
wxrr.com    $2,010
pfpd.com    $2,000

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