Flippa Introduced The All New Flippa DOmains

Flippa, one of the leading domain name marketplaces, has recently introduced the all new Flippa Domains.

The all new Flippa Domains will be able to discover how Buyers navigate and will discover what their next domain name acquisition might be.

Some of the new features include :

  • Advanced Filtering Your domains search experience now includes robust filters for fine-tuning your results. Simply use the console located at the top and you’re away.
  • Clean and simple We’ve stripped it right back to basics, so you can focus on the most important detail – the domain itself. Results are easily readable, no matter what device you’re on
  • Fair ranking system Results in search are now ranked by recency, meaning everyone gets their chance in the sun and you always see the fresh merchandise listed! You can purchase upgrades to give your listing more promotion within Flippa and via external channels
  • Tighter keyword matching on search We’ll direct you to results which match your interests – faster than ever before
  • Upgraded API Developers with the desire to take what we’ve started and build on it, now have access to our latest API, API v3.
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