First Phase Of Comments For Two-Character Letter/Letter Labels Released

The first phase of the process for taking into account comments on two-character letter or letter domain name labels started on 6 October, as ICANN announced. Pending this phase ICANN demanded that governments and others, who had an opinion about these labels and already submitted them, to explain why they decided to comment. Thus, the responses were solicited from those registry operators whose demands for labels acquired comments and any other observation or clarification was received until 5 December.


To establish whether to allow the launch of demanded Letter/Letter Two-Character ASCII Labels, previously retained from permission, were analyzed the comment clarifications.
Comments were assessed in a standard level established in the registry accord, which affirmed, “The Registry Operator had the possibility to suggest the launch of these reservations founded on its achievement of measures to stay away from confusion with the adequate country codes, submissive to endorsement by ICANN”.
Comments not touched by confusion had the chance to be directed to remedy mechanisms, like the Abuse Point of Contact, that is beyond the Authorization Process for the Release of Two-Character ASCII Labels.


With government and registries opinions, ICANN intended to establish criteria for assessing if measures determined by a registry operator had success in decreasing preoccupation concerning the confusion with a connected government’s adequate country codes. All these criteria were published for public comment previous to final draft.
The following blog post contains more information concerning the comments consideration operation: Resolving the Release of Two-Character ASCII Labels with Comments.


Significant Dates
– 6 October 2015: Updated comment web form released. Updated comment web form disposable for both past sent comments clarifications, and for all new comments.
– 5 December 2015: Final date for commenters to send clarifications regarding past comments sent.
– 7 December 2015: ICANN to contact Registry Operators whose demands prior received comments and requested response. Registry Operator’s responses to comment clarifications should include a reduction plan with measures to keep away confusion between the two-character ASCII label(s) and the connected government’s adequate country code(s) within the allowed period of time.


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