Fadi Chehadé, WEF’s New Senior Adviser

According to WEF, retiring ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehadé is going to be part of their team as a senior adviser. He will work closely with Klaus Scwab, who is WEF’s founder and executive chairman. You can check all the details related to this collaboration on a recent press release.


Chehadé’s declaration related to its new position:


“I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the World Economic Forum’s work, advising the Global Challenge Initiative on the Future of the Internet.” “I am deeply committed to doing everything I can to help ensure a trusted digital world, advancing global economic development and social progress for all. The Forum is uniquely positioned as an enabling platform to coalesce public, private and civic leaders and experts to form networks addressing the many economic and societal issues requiring global cooperation.”


What is WEF?


In case you wonder, World Economic Forum, also called as WEF, is a Switzerland non-profit research organization well-known for its annual conferences held in Davos, place where world leaders and powerful business people gather to take off their mask and plan to dominate the world.


Chehadé’s efforts will be mainly focused on the “Global Challenge Initiative on the Future of the Internet”, which is WEF project based on cybercrime, internet governance, access and much more.
For this year, Davos conference took place in January and debated topics related to critical humanitarian and economic problems like European Union immigration policy and Syrian refugee emergency.


Chehadé will start working at WEF from April 1, even if he announced its retirement from ICANN in May, 2015.


All the years, although there were a short period of time spend at ICANN, made him collapse, according to rumours.


He mentioned about his acceptance of a role at Boston firm ABRY Partners, a company- based private justice and that in December 2015 become a joint founder of a China-management internet governance, “Wuzhen Initiative”, doing similar business as the NetMundial Initiative.


Chehadé will be leaving in March, what makes us all anxious to find out which will be its successor.

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