Counterfeit Pharmacy Products On Websites

The Office of the US Trade released an alert on websites that supposedly sell counterfeit medical products, thus putting in danger the health of the buyers (a few even containing toxic substances) and escaping from paying taxes.


According to the report there is a significant number of domain names that authorize these type of products for sale and it pushes registrars to interfere in order to solve this situation. In addition, this is seen as an offense to brand owners and the above specified establishment required for an organized program which has the possibility to hold this problem from continuity.


A report from the NABP demonstrates that approximately 96 percent of the online stores that sell medical products are not respecting the copyright law and are hiding their IP address to avoid being caught. Getting the law means in order to apply the needed measures is another issued and seemingly some of the registrars hesitate when it comes to act. As the case for Tucows who said they are first of all trying to make sure first that the rights of their consumers are defended and that they meticulously examined all the received complaints and have legally taken actions.


Besides the economical viewpoint, the incomes illegally get monthly from the store, the main issue remains the health of the people who bought these inefficient or risky products.

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