Coordination Center for TLD .RU and .РФ : Strong Comeback On The Second Of The 2015 Year

The annual conference, “Runat 2015: Results of the Year”, took place on December 16 and had Andrei Vorobyov, director of the Coordination Center for TLD RU, as speaker for the beginning of the event. The event was not just a brief of the 2015 year results and dedicated to debate actual problems in the industry, but a guideline for the following year.


Vorobyov passed through all the aspects of the Russian domain space and clearly specified the evolution of the Russian TLD .RU and .РФ. He told that what seemed to be a negative tendency when registrations in .RU dropped starting with 2014, it turned up in the second half of the 2015 year.


The director of the Coordination Center for TLD RU declared that “ the .RU domain began to grow once more, thus in November 2015 it was registered the 5 millionth .RU domain name. By the end of the year it is expected to have a growth up to 5,050,000 .RU domains. On the other hand for Europe, things were not so good in 2015, a few of the TLDs facing a “negative increase”.


He talked as well about his vision of the evolution perspectives for .РФ: “In five years it was the first time when we were not expecting the commencement of open registration in .РФ to go down. While at the end of 2015 year, the .РФ domain had 885, 155 domain names, the analysts forecasted in the early 2016 900,000 registrations. Moreover, according to an ICANN’s report was proved that Cyrillic domain areas are highly requested among IDN.


One of the Russian domain space features that causes problems is the security, thus for providing it, the Coordination Center intends to use the Netoskop project and invite new certified organizations responsible for cyber safety in Russian domains, to collaborate. The 2016 year will the year when foreign partners will join the security project.


According to Vorobyov, in the previous two years the number of Russian TLDs grew considerably due to Russia’s participation in ICANN’s program of designing new domains and for 2016 it is expected to be created the Association of Russian TLD Registries and new domains. For that reason, domain market experts should join forces and share all the issues and solve them together.


Another topic discussed during the event was about the effect caused by the adoption of Federal Law No.241-FZ, On Amendments to Particular Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Concerning the Elucidation of Personal Data Processing in Information and Telecommunication Networks, related to hosting and registrar markets. These problems will be argued at important industry conferences: HostReview and RIGF 2016.


The principals subjects of RIGF will be net impartiality and IT domination. In 2016, the Infrastructure Cluster will be designed on the RAEC Commission of hosting registrars and providers, implying as well the center’s professionals.

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