7 Content Marketing Tools That Will Improve Your Business

Any successful business needs a good content marketing. You are aware what influence can words have on the user. One word or expression can change the sentence meaning and place your content in a direction or another. No matter you are beginner or an expert, the quality of your content can convert your visitors into consumers and you must know this.


Every day, 60% of marketers are releasing at least one piece of new information. But that necessarily means it is an efficient content? Luckily there are dozens of marketing tools that can improve your content. Take a look!




Any marketer is aiming to have its content in order and this is the moment when Evernote can contribute. At first sight it seems to be just an organizer and archiver tool, but it is much more than that. You can design a library of social media upgrade ideas, create notes, to-do lists or a social media calendar. The rest of it I will let you discover by yourself.


Feedly & Buzzsumo


Have you ever wished a tool that contains all the information you need from your favorite blogs, news sites, online magazines? I am sure you do. These are great tools that will help you follow the latest trends, the most shared and appreciated contents, even help you produce your content. Feedly combines as well with social media automation tools, including Buffer.




Words had always a power over the users, but photos and videos have lately proved to have a genuine impact. As you probably know from school it’s easier to remember what you saw than what you read. Glisser can get to be your best friend.


It has multiple advantages, including the possibility to upload your Keynote or PowerPoint presentation, or to try with their example slides, the chance to turn on the social traits you desire as questions, ‘likes’, Twitter feed and to put audience polls into your slides. If you want to connect with your slides as member you enter your sole presentation code or URL into a smartphone.




This platform is like an all inclusive menu, here you can plan your content weekly, include notes and comments, whether from you or your colleagues, have all the tasks assigned to you and projects that you are working on. What more can you ask for? All your content marketing in one place.




To be aware of the trends it’s a must and every marketer should know this. If you haven’t heard until now about Apester, now it’s time because 2016 is the year of dynamic content. With this content marketing tool you can create surveys, quizzes, polls and other categories of interactive content. Making consumers part of the content you design it’s an easy way of engaging your audience.




You are proud of your content and you know you did everything to have a catchy and efficient content, still it doesn’t attracts your audience enough to share it. Thus, Outbrain comes with the solution, you can have more viewers on any type of content marketing you design: videos, blogs, infographics, by exhibiting it as encouraged content with other linked options.
Every marketer struggles with content distribution to a certain extent, and Outbrain is posed as the best solution to the problem.




From a marketer perspective grammar is the most important feature for a good content. Who would read a content full of grammar mistakes? Nobody, and not just because it’s not easy to understand, but because it’s highly unprofessional. You struggle to be between the best, then you have to pay attention to grammar.


Grammarly can be from now on your best help. It works with Gmail, Google Docs, or any other text field. With more accurate suggestions, like synonyms, knowledge about the Future Conditional Tense or awareness related to the confused-words you are on your way to success.

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